Coach Nolan teaching kickboxing class to kids.

Anti-Bullying Education for Union County

While the Union County schools are known for their academic excellence, there is no guarantee that students will not encounter bullying. We hear from parents in many of our local school districts, like Weddington, Indian Trail, Matthews and Wesley Chapel about how their children experience various forms of bullying on a regular basis. Bullying happens on the bus, in the classroom, on the playground, and even online, making it difficult for children to escape. That’s why it’s essential to provide our children with the skills they need to recognize and respond to bullying behavior, no matter where it occurs.

Union Martial Arts is on a mission to make a significant difference in the area of anti-bullying education. We teach the modern and effective martial arts of Kickboxing, No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu, and Wrestling. Through these highly effective disciplines, kids learn the skills needed to defend themselves in any situation, whether standing up, or if they end up on the ground.  

In addition to physical training, we focus on discussions and role-playing exercises that teach kids how to recognize bullying behavior, stand up for themselves and others, and how to be an ally to those who are being bullied. This education can empower children to take action when they witness bullying behavior and create a culture of kindness and respect. 

When kids have self-confidence, they are far less likely to become the target of bullying. The skills and confidence gained through our program can make a huge difference in every area of a child’s life – socially, in school, in sports, etc. Confident kids can be themselves in any situation and are far more likely to try new things, apply themselves and explore interests. 

The Union Martial Arts kids program has received countless 5-Star reviews from parents and students alike. Our program has a reputation for excellence, and the positive feedback from our community is a testament to the effects that training has on building confidence, discipline, and character.

If your child is suffering from a lack of confidence, or is being bullied, please reach out to us as soon as possible to set up a free trial class. We are here to help!