Coach Nolan with Union student

Coach Nolan

Owner and Head instructor

“Coach Nolan is a man who shows you what it means to conquer obstacles in life. He knows how to bring out the true potential in a person, whether kid or adult. He’s been the big brother I never had. Go learn from him and you will understand it first hand.”

Julio Arce
UFC Bantamweight

After achieving black belt in 2008, Nolan went on to become owner and head coach of one of the largest and most successful Mixed Martial Arts academies in New York City, where he was renowned for highly technical instruction, innovative teaching methods and motivational skill. Besides his deep love for teaching, Nolan has been a teammate and training partner for numerous UFC and Bellator fighters and knows what it takes to achieve at the highest levels, both on the mat and off.

“I became a coach because I love being a student. It means everything to me to help others up the mountain that I am climbing with them.”

Whether child or adult; from the new and nervous beginner to the experienced practitioner, Coach Nolan and Union will support you every step of the way toward your goals.

(In photo) Coach Nolan receiving his 2nd degree blackbelt promotion from his instructor, Danny “Tiger” Schulmann in 2014. Nolan’s teammates, UFC fighters Jimmie Rivera and Julio Arce, look on.

Coach Nolan in belt promotion


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