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Will Martial Arts Contribute to My Child’s Aggressive Behavior?

This is a question I’ve received hundreds of times throughout my years as a coach. It’s a justifiable fear, especially as parents and school systems are hyper-focused on ways to combat the epidemic of bullying. Some parents fear that martial arts will foster aggression in a child, but in reality, training in martial arts dramatically reduces aggression

At Union Martial Arts, our Kids Program builds discipline, confidence and respect for others, all while learning the effective self-defense skills of Kickboxing and Jiu-Jitsu. When kids are taught and led properly, training in martial arts vastly improves their self-esteem, which leads to decreases in physical and verbal aggression. I’ve seen kids make significant behavioral improvements in as little as one month of consistent training! 

Bullying is a learned behavior, we’ll teach you to stop it

Typically, aggressive behavior is learned through observing and imitating others. Sadly, kids with behavioral issues have often been the victims of bullying themselves. Throughout our program, we focus on how to handle the behavior of bullies, which also leads to an understanding of how not to behave. When kids see bullying for what it is, they can begin to recognize and overcome poor behavior in themselves as well.

Say goodbye to screen time aggression

I also hear from parents that believe video games and screen time are contributing to their child’s aggressive behavior. Replacing screen time with martial arts training helps kids focus their energy in a positive direction, one that helps with both physical and mental health. Training is also FUN, so kids really look forward to their classes, leading to a much more constructive use of their time than video games. 

Do martial arts benefit children who are already aggressive?

While martial arts cannot magically fix all anger problems, it can be a helpful tool for managing and expressing anger in a constructive way. Martial arts can teach kids how to better control their emotions and channel their energy into positive outlets. It can also help them to understand and respect the personal space of others, as well as develop a stronger sense of self-discipline. With regular practice, martial arts can help kids to feel more confident and in control, which may reduce the frequency and severity of their outbursts. Ultimately, we believe martial arts can help kids with anger issues to lead healthier, happier lives.

Our approach to reducing child aggression

At Union Martial Arts, our approach is always to help kids achieve something in every single class. Whether a punch, kick or cool Jiu-Jitsu technique, we provide the coaching and support to get that student just a little bit better every single time they come in. In a safe, supportive and challenging environment, I’ve found over and over again, that kids will rise to the occasion. As they get better and stronger, their confidence in themselves begins to grow. 

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