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How Martial Arts Helps the Brain

Some of the benefits of Martial Arts training are obvious, such as improved strength, agility and overall cardio fitness. But research shows the benefits also include increased brain health!  

Attention Span Improvement

Research shows that Martial Arts is a form of Attention State Training (AST), which improves alertness.  There are also numerous studies showing that Martial Arts is linked with better academic performance. Over and over, our students cycle between periods of quiet concentration and active performance – quietly observing the technique during a demonstration and then actively training the technique they just observed. This cycle of observe/perform/observe/perform/observe/perform, builds the learning pathways in the brain and has been proven to strengthen attention span.  

Reduction of Stress and Aggression

It may sound funny, but it feels really good to hit something! In our day to day lives, it’s not acceptable to slam doors or hit our desks when frustrated. Even if we don’t tend to act out physically, many of us carry around more tension than we may realize, which can manifest itself in other ways, such as a loss of patience with our loved ones. Training at Union Martial Arts will take that frustration, stress, tension, even anger – and channel it in a positive way. Martial Arts teaches us to be in control of ourselves and assertive when required, not aggressive. Through increased self-control and discipline, we can better handle difficult situations without overreacting.  Our bodies become fit and our minds get sharp, so when we are faced with tension, our training helps us to calmly and smoothly move through it.

Your Brain is in Your Body!

The physical benefits of training are obvious, but one of the most surprising benefits for students is the overall increase in positive mood, motivation and focus that they feel after only a couple of classes. It shouldn’t be such a surprise – your brain is in your body! As you sharpen your physical health, endorphins are released, which have an immediate impact on your overall sense of happiness and well being. 

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