Getting Started in MMA

Getting Started in MMA: A Beginner’s Guide to Mixed Martial Arts

Begin your MMA journey with expert guidance at Union Martial Arts. Learn essential techniques and mindset for success in mixed martial arts.

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has surged in popularity over the past few decades, captivating audiences worldwide with its dynamic blend of striking and grappling techniques. Beyond the physical conditioning and self-defense benefits, training in MMA cultivates mental toughness, discipline, perseverance and a strong sense of camaraderie with training partners. Whether you’re looking for a challenging and rewarding fitness regimen or aiming to compete in the cage one day, MMA training provides a platform for personal growth and self-improvement like no other.

Enjoy our guide: MMA for Beginners.

I started training because I have always been interested in fitness, however, going to the gym became mundane. Martial arts presented an interesting, diverse and challenging workout with the added benefits of learning true self defense, stress management and camaraderie.
Coach Nolan Teaching a MMA class @ Union Martial Arts
Coach Nolan Teaching a Beginner MMA Class

What is MMA and Why Train in This Style?

At its core, MMA is a combat sport that combines techniques from various martial arts disciplines, including Boxing, Kickboxing, Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling, and more. Unlike more traditional martial arts where practitioners might focus on one style alone, MMA demands proficiency in a diverse range of skills, allowing you to adapt to any self-defense situation, whether standing, in clinch/close-range or on the ground. Learning MMA as a beginner can provide you with a profound sense of achievement and instill physical confidence like nothing else.

The 4 Pillars of MMA at Union Martial Arts

1. Boxing

Learn the fundamental punching techniques, footwork, and head movement crucial for both offense and defense in MMA.

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2. Kickboxing/Muay Thai

In addition to punching skills, learn to incorporate powerful kicks, knees, elbows and clinch work.

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3. Jiu-Jitsu

Train in the essential grappling skills needed to submit opponents or neutralize their attacks using joint locks, chokes, positional control, escapes and sweeps.

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4. Wrestling

An indispensable skill set for dictating where the fight takes place. Learn hand fighting, set-ups, takedowns and takedown defense. 

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Working on Fitness During a MMA Class

MMA for Beginners: What to Know As You Get Started

After the first call, I knew that I was at the right place. Both of my kids gained a lot of self confidence, discipline and showing off great skills on the mat.

As you dive into MMA training, it’s essential to understand a few key considerations:

  • Fitness Level: MMA training builds a very high level of physical fitness. We start newcomers with a foundation of heavy bag training to build fundamental techniques and stance as well as cardiovascular conditioning. 
  • Mindset: MMA requires a positive attitude, perseverance and resilience. Be prepared to push past your comfort zone and embrace challenges.  
  • Safety First: We foster an atmosphere of mutual respect between training partners. Use protective gear when necessary, and communicate openly with your coaches and training partners about any injuries or concerns.
  • Consistency is Key: Progress in MMA is gradual but extremely rewarding. Stay committed to your training regimen, attend classes regularly, and be patient with yourself as you improve week after week.

Why Union Martial Arts is a Great Place to Start

  • Expert Instruction: Our experienced coaches love what they do and are dedicated to helping you reach your full potential. In addition to assisting students in our group classes, we provide one-on-one, personalized guidance to each and every student at regular intervals throughout their training.
  • Excellent Location and Facility: Train in a safe, clean, and professional environment equipped with top-of-the-line equipment designed to enhance your training experience.
  • Community Atmosphere: Join a vibrant community of like-minded men and women united by their passion for martial arts. Forge lasting friendships, motivate each other, and celebrate victories together as you progress on your journey.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Our unique approach to practice design covers all aspects of the sport, ensuring you develop well-rounded skills. 

In conclusion, getting started in MMA is an exhilarating and transformative experience. With the right mindset, guidance, and dedication, Union Martial Arts is here to help you unlock your full potential.

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