Will Martial Arts Contribute to My Child’s Aggressive Behavior?

Young girl boxing with trainer

This is a question I’ve received hundreds of times over my last 15+ years as a coach. It’s a justifiable fear, especially as parents and school systems are hyper-focused on ways to combat the epidemic of bullying. Some parents fear that martial arts will foster aggression in a child, but in reality, training in martial arts dramatically reduces aggression.  At Union […]

4 Benefits of Martial Arts for Kids

Young boy boxing with red gloves

As the father of two sons and a long-time coach, I know how challenging it is for parents to choose the right after-school sport or activity for kids. Today’s workload is greater than ever and time is limited. We want our children to do something that will help them develop both physically and mentally. At Union […]

Best Workout For Women

Woman boxing heavy bag

Training in Mixed Martial Arts is quickly becoming the most popular workout for people of all ages.  But for women, the benefits far outweigh traditional gym classes by teaching the invaluable life skill of self-defense. Being prepared to handle yourself in tough situations builds a confidence that no amount of circuit or strength training can […]

How Martial Arts Helps the Brain

Futuristic brain graphic

Some of the benefits of Martial Arts training are obvious, such as improved strength, agility and overall cardio fitness. But research shows the benefits also include increased brain health!   Attention Span Improvement Research shows that Martial Arts is a form of Attention State Training (AST), which improves alertness.  There are also numerous studies showing that Martial […]