The Pivotal Role of Boxing Fundamentals in MMA

Boxing in MMA

Discover the pivotal role of boxing in MMA with Union Martial Arts in Charlotte. Elevate your striking, defense, and movement with our comprehensive programs for kids and adults. Experience expert coaching in a supportive community. Start your journey today!

Muay Thai at Union Martial Arts

Muay Thai at Union Martial Arts

Explore the art of Muay Thai with our expert tips and in-depth tutorials. From beginner drills to advanced strategies, elevate your skills and fitness to new levels.

The Fitness Benefits with Martial Arts

Fitness Benefits with Martial Arts

Elevate your fitness to new heights with Martial Arts! Embrace Martial Arts and Fitness for a total body makeover – Get tips, techniques, and a stronger you!

The Ultimate Guide to Kickboxing Classes

The Ultimate Guide to Kickboxing Classes-min

Discover the world of kickboxing in Charlotte with our comprehensive guide. From the basics to advanced techniques, explore the benefits for kids, adults, men, and women.

Is MMA Safe for Kids?

Is MMA Training Safe for Kids

Explore the safety of MMA training for kids. Learn about its benefits and precautions. Make an informed decision for your child’s fitness journey.

It’s Not Too Late to Get in Shape for Summer!

Adults working out on heavy bags in Union gym.

As the summer season kicks into high gear, many find themselves wishing they had started their fitness journey earlier. Don’t stress it, you can always hit the reset and embark on the path to your fitness goals! If you’re looking for the most effective and exciting way to get in shape this summer, look no […]